Fall Creek

September 8, 1996

Many spoke of the “civilized” time of departure — 9:00 am — as the chief attraction of this hike, rather than the destination. At any rate, there were 15 of us who set out for a big chunk of the Fall Creek Trail on an excellent day to be out and about. We commenced hiking at the Dolly Varden Campground about 10:15. I had assumed we would lunch at the Johnny Creek Campground, but after we reached that point and used the “facilities”, many wanted to lunch in a more pristine location by the creek. So, we crossed the bridge and proceeded upstream until we reached a spot where the streamside was accessible. Later, rather than circumvent the Bedrock Campground, we went into it, again to take advantage of the “facilities”. This appeared to be a mistake when we tried to find our way out of the maze and get on the trail again. Fortunately, one of the hikers was an experienced trail biker who knew the connection. Hence, we reached our march objective, Rd. Junction 1828, five minutes ahead of my estimated 3:15 pm arrival time. After shuttling our drivers back to square one for vehicles, we were all homeward bound by about 3:45. The road between Dolly Varden CG and Rd. Junction 1828 clocks seven miles, but most of us felt we had hiked at least eight miles. Those who participated in this rather strenuous but pleasant workout were: Max Brown, Brigitte Cross, Kurt Cyrus, Gerry Dewrance, Bill & Karen Ehlers, Janet Hall, Corinne Hunt, Margaret Malsch, Diane Peterson, Dick & Lucy Rayle, Heiner Walden, Eleanor Wilkerson and leader Vernon Barkhurst.

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