Kentucky Falls

September 7, 1996

On Saturday, twelve hikers went to see Kentucky Falls. We saw vine maples in their fall colors, and enjoyed the three magnificent falls (one is the upper falls, the second is the dual falls) which were beautiful, however not like the spring time flow. Although many trees had fallen across the trail, there was no need to bend or to crouch because of the work someone had done with a chain saw. One interesting event was the discovery of a new trail about 100 yards before the end of the trail. The only information we had was a sign which read “6½ miles”. On the return hike we enjoyed munching huckleberries. Hikers enjoyed lounging in the warmish spray of the falls and we were even able to jump across rocks and view the pools right beneath the falls. It was a good trip with good people. Several single non-members may have had too good of a time swimming and then visiting Florence and the beach after the hike. Participants were: Pat Holland, Norma Jones, Cheris Kramarge, Teresita Ladd, Mary Millman, Colleen Moore, Celeste & Dave Rhoads, Paul Schellmeier, Nola Shurtleff, Doreen Waggoner and Diane Jeffcott (leader).

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