Three-Mile Lake

August 4, 1996

With many Obsidians at Summer Camp, it was difficult to get a quorum for the Three-Mile Lake trip. Four persons besides myself had signed up but only two showed up, and one of those was Doris Allen, who only came to explain why she couldn’t go after all. The other, Jim Averill, seemed eager to go, so I drove home and switched to a smaller car before setting forth. The day was rather ideal for hiking. A sunny but slightly overcast sky held the temperature down to a very comfortable level. At the coast we found a nice breeze rather than gusty winds, which added to our enjoyment of hiking. I assumed that because there were only two of us we would make better time on the trail. I was wrong. I found Jim to be another nature buff and we found much to discuss and photograph along the trail — until Jim ran out of film. Consequently, it was past 3:00 pm when we got back to the trailhead. Nevertheless, we still stopped in Florence for ice cream cones and restocked Jim’s film supply. This put us back in Eugene by 5:00. The two happy hikers on this trip were Jim Averill and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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