Four-In-One Cone

July 21, 1996

Our group left for the Old McKenzie Highway under Eugene’s foggy skies, but were soon spreading on sun screen and preparing for a warm day. The mosquitoes did not attack (as warned) at the trailhead, so no one was left behind. Bob Hill led off and our group of 12 spread out as the trail gradually led us through the forest. Having heard Sharon’s tale of “how many ways you can lose hikers on a day hike”, we reconnoitered at the first lava field for a well deserved drink and snack. Then on up through two lava fields, a tree island, and finally out on a cinder barrens, dominated by a beautiful view of North Sister. After lunch we continued on the trail to a rock cairn, marking the spot to start up over the cinder barrens to the top of the cinder cone. Being loose and gravely walking, the hiking sticks were out! But once on top the footing was easy, on a trail worn the entire length of the ridge by the many view seekers ahead of us. To the south we had a terrific view of The Husband (?) some of us had mistaken for Broken Top; and to the north Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Hood peeking out in the far distance. From here there seemed to be lava everywhere, offering a keen contrast to the greenness of the trees, and a keener contrast to the white skeleton trees still clinging to the top of this barren cinder ridge. It was hot up here, so after exploring the entire length, we made our way down to a cooler spot (another reconnoiter) before returning to the trailhead. And we did stay up there two hours (!) surrounded by this big view. Those who enjoyed the hiking and the viewing were Doris Allen, Max Brown, Magge Gontrum, Bob Hill, Rita Johnson, Helen Liguori; Gary Marx, Karen Myers, Chuck Mitchell, Sharon Ritchie, Wojtek Szaleski and Clare Tucker (trip leader).

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