Tenmile Creek

July 13, 1996

We were greeted on the dunes by a gentle breeze that made the hike cool and comfortable. Except that again, we were surprised by the effort required to hike in the loose sand of the coastal dunes. We learned to recognize the firm sand as being on the ridges or showing wind ripples. The flat bottom land was covered with more water than I’ve ever seen before. Walking on the wet sand was like walking on a sponge. Water would puddle and run down to the lower levels and we experimented with the sinking feeling of playing in the quick sand. Fortunately, the only thing lost was dry feet. The dunes were practically trackless and allowed fantasies of endless deserts. Then we entered the deflation zone and the trail became a tunnel about half-a-mile long through the heavy brush just back of the fore dune protecting the beach. We then hiked south along the beach gathering treasures left there by the sea. And of the hundreds of sand dollars, we found only one that was whole. After lunch by the creek, Kurt Cyrus, Sandra Larsen and leader Royal Murdock completed the loop over some high, loose, shoe-filling ridges back to the trailhead.

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