Upper McKenzie River Trail

July 7, 1996

As we left the valley on what promised to be a very hot day, most of us harbored the notion it would be a tad cooler on the Upper McKenzie River Trail. Perhaps it was, but it wasn’t that perceptible. To carry out our hike plan, a shuttle car was stashed at the Clear Lake Resort, and we departed the Trail Bridge Dam about a quarter to eleven. After hiking for about an hour, we came to a trail junction where some postings on trail conditions ahead gave us pause. But, after scanning them, we proceeded, feeling that there was nothing suggested which would keep us from completing our hike as planned. It was past noon by the time we reached the “Big Blue Hole”. So we ate lunch there, after the usual oohs! and aahs! upon viewing this unusual spot. Then, as we contemplated the resumption of our trek, another trail posting was discovered. This one was very blunt and to the point: “Trail Closed”. We decided not to test its accuracy and headed back over the route we had followed out. Back at Trail Bridge Dam, most of us boarded the two remaining vehicles parked there and rode up to Clear Lake to enjoy refreshments and use the “facilities”. So, most of us got to the march objective, though we didn’t get there marching. Colleagues in this frustrated but satisfying outing were: Peggy Beamer, Max Brown, Elan Egoz, Jim Fritz, Anne Hojlo, Sachiko Iwasaki, Janet Levine, Chris Monet, Helmut Plant, Dick & Lucy Rayle, Wojek Solecki, Nola Shurtleff and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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