Gold Point

July 7, 1996

This trip was originally supposed to go to the Three Pyramids. Unfortunately, that trail was blocked by blowdown, as seems to be the norm this year. Gold Point was the substitute and was chosen because the Forest Service said the trail was “passable”. It was passable, but we got a lot of extra exercise going over; under and around the numerous blowdowns. The day was sunny and hot. We were happy to be up in the mountains in a shaded forest while the temperature was 94° in Eugene. On the way up the trail we stopped at a nice viewpoint on a rocky outcropping. This provided a commanding view up and down the valley. It also had a patch of pretty flowers that none of us could identify. (Pink, with a big red spot at the base of each petal. Mallow?) After leaving the trailhead at 0925, we were on top at 1140. There was no view due to the tall trees. Some of us thought it would be a good idea to cut some of the trees to provide a view. After lunch and a period of relaxation we headed down and arrived at the trailhead around 1500. Then we drove around the gravel F.S. service roads a while looking for a rock formation called “Elephant Rock”. It was a lot farther away than we thought, but was fairly impressive when we finally found it. Numerous photos were taken. Hiker-explorers on this all-Obsidian trip were Doris Allen, Janet Hall, Becky Hanson, Ralph Olive, Richard Sundt, Joanne Vinton and leader Dan Bates.

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