Opal Creek

June 22, 1996

Opal Creek pulled out all the stops for us this day. The warm sun filtered through the trees. A cool breeze blew, and both Little North Santiam River and Opal Creek were incredibly clear and the deep pools were an indescribable shade of blue/green. We met Dan Bates, his daughter and son-in-law on the trail. We never saw Richard Sundt’s face — there was always a camera in front of it! It’s nice to share something so beautiful with people who really appreciate it! The nine-tenths of a mile from the bridge across Opal Creek through the grove of 1,000-year-old cedars to Beachie Creek was a definite workout for everyone. Lots of downed trees and rerouted trail but well worth the effort. Chuck & Sandy Reul went on another half mile to the Franklin Grove. Sandy reported that trail conditions worsened the further they went, so they turned back. My thanks to all who shared my very special place. They were: non-members Roy Dwyer, Ilan Egoz and Patrick O’Shea, and Obsidians Cheryl Berry, Andrew Brtis, Marc Hansen, Anne Montgomery, Sally Quigley, Chuck & Sandy Reul,and Richard Sundt. Sharon Ritchie, leader.

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