Silver Creek Falls

June 22, 1996

Rather ideal conditions prevailed for our excursion to Silver Creek Falls. Mixed sun and clouds remained constant throughout the day, creating a very comfortable temperature for hiking — especially in the river gorge. We found a pretty good volume of water on the North Fork of Silver Creek, but I know from experience, a month earlier all of the falls would have been much more spectacular. A great deal of trail work has Wen done on the North Fork this spring, and much is still in progress. Some areas which have been notoriously muddy in the past now have rock surfaces, and culverts are under construction in a number of the worst seepage spots. Unfortunately, the major bridge near the junction with the South Fork was washed out in this year’s flooding and has not been replaced. This made it impossible to complete the route up to the South Falls. Instead, we doubled back to an improvised crossing which leads to Winter Falls and access to the highway trail back to our starting point above North Falls. Reunited with our transportation, we drove to the South Falls parking lot. After refreshments, we strolled to the South Falls overlook. Hence we saw all the falls except Lower South Falls. Making the Silver Creek Falls trek were Brigitte Cross, Liz DeShetler, Gladys Johnson, Sandra Larsen, Joanne Ledet, Roger Nichols, Lucile Peterson and Vernon Barkhurst (leader).

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