Mt. June

June 16, 1996

When a red convertible whipped into the SEHS parking lot, followed soon by a silver-gray Honda Civic and four teenagers piled out I didn’t bother to get out of my Rabbit: surely these kids were going on some school function? But Not! They wanted to join an Obsidian trip! Welcome aboard the Obsidian Choo-choo, Melinda, Erik, Annie and Jessica! One more person (an adult) showed up without having signed up previously (Cheryl Berry); one adult had canceled the night before by phone (thank you, Norma Bengiat!). So, at 9:10 am on Father’s Day, 1996, eleven people headed for Dexter in four cars, enough room to pick up Obsidian Sharon Lindsley at the corner of Dexter and Lost Creek Roads. Thanks to Obsidian Elaine Barrar’s alert about the seemingly insurmountable blowdown of big trees on lost Creek Trail just below Sawtooth Ridge Trail, which she and her husband had encountered a few days ago, we decided (well, I decided) to by-pass the Lost Creek Trail altogether and head for the higher trail, #1400, off spur road #941. We managed to avoid the many small and not-so-small trees that washed down the embankment onto the road (plus one big boulder, painted an effective red). This considerably shorter (though steep) hike was not nearly challenging enough for one hiker, Van Likes, who — to my utter amazement — at least doubled the distance by running up to the summit and coming back down to ask us, still huffing up Trail #1400 towards the intersection with the §awtooth Trail #1401: “Where’ve you been?” I thought “File mit Weile”, as I handed him his wallet, which I had found near the trailhead, off the tread in the brush. And off he was, up to the summit a second time. The last time I saw Van was when three of us (Melinda, Erik and I) had left the rest of the group (who were going to hike along Sawtooth Ridge a while) and he ran (almost literally) into us, as he was returning from the cars to rejoin the Sawtooth Ridge crowd way above us on trail #1401! My green Rabbit and Melinda’s red convertible (top up this time) made it back out alright, with leader heading home to enjoy his daughter’s Father’s Day surprise. Sawtooth Ridgers, deserving of a Q for “Qualifying Hike” were: Van Likes (give him three Qs!), Cheryl Berry, Jessica Citti, Janet Hall, Dick Hildreth, Ed Lichtenstein, Sharon Lindsley, Anne Morrison and Annie Thomas. Early returnees were Melinda Kriegh, Erik Gomez and Helmut Plant (leader and father).

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