Gold Point

June 9, 1996

Upon arriving at the SEHS parking lot (a little late, sorry?), and after brief introductions, we all piled into Helen’s car and headed to Gold Point. As we turned onto Portland Creek Road and headed towards the trailhead we noticed the road was easy to travel on, considering the recent storms. At the trailhead we made some minor corrections and started off. After about four miles and a few rest stops we were viewing a beautiful panoramic view of mountains and valleys. Lots of colorful flowers and musical birds greeted us on this vista. The weather was just right for a hike … a little cool and partly sunny. We had lunch and spent some time exploring the area. After about an hour on this beautiful vista, we headed down the trail to the car, climbed in and headed back to the SEHS parking lot. At the starting point, we bid each other a farewell and departed. As a note, the trail was littered with trees and tree parts; it was a little inconvenient but passable. Hikers were Doris Allen, Rita Johnson, Helen Liguori and Fred Foust, leader.

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