Mary’s Peak

June 8, 1996

After climbing over, ducking under, and wading through downed trees on the North Ridge Trail up 4,000-ft. high Mary’s Peak, we literally peaked out after four miles and 2,500-ft. elevation gain atop this mountain. Although the weather was great for hiking, the sky was not clear enough to give us commanding views of the ocean and the Cascade Mountains as we had hoped for. On our return trip we were surprised to see a trail warning sign, “Trail impassable due to tree downfall”. We were amused to realize we had done the impossible impassable! The lucky 13 hikers were Jim Fritz, Rick Romm, Dan Bates, Tammy Tighe, Dick Hildreth, Diane Peterson, Eunhee Chun, Jeff Boersema, Janet Hall, Norman Benton, Maggie Genbrum, Margaret Malsch and trip leader Jean Ridone.

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