Tahkenitch Dunes

May 25, 1996

What do you do when you can’t hike 12 miles on the Tire Mountain Trail because it happens to be littered with 180 downed trees? You switch to a six-mile hike on the coast, of course! As usual, the Tahkenitch Trail was beautiful. Although, with 17 in the group, it seemed we were stretched out over half a mile from the lead (thanks, Gary) to the sweep (thanks, Lucy), with the leader floating somewhere in between (forever nameless!). Most people ate lunch on a dune overlooking Threemile Lake. The sun disappeared as we started north up the beach (causing jackets to appear). A new trail back across the dunes caused the leader (of sorts) some confusion. That’s what happens when you don’t scout the trail. We no longer cross logs in the marshy area. That is roped off and has become a wildlife viewing area. Also Snowy Plover nesting sites in the area were off-limits. The new trail is well marked and heads inland at about 1¼ miles rather than 1½ miles. It goes into the Deflation Plain, turns north and comes out on the east side of the Wildlife Viewing Area (our old crossing point). This information is for all you Tahkenitch fans. Naturally, the sun came out again as soon as we headed inland (causing jackets to be shed). Many thanks to all the nice people — Pat Bean, Blythe Carpenter, Lynda Christiansen, Genie Currier, Joella Ewing, Jim Fritz, Mary Ann Hastings, Gary Marx, Mary Millman, Ralph Olive, Dick & Lucy Rayle, Rich Romm, Norm Rose, Herb Whitman and Hawke Williams — who joined me for a lovely day at the beach. The somewhat, some time, somewhere leader: Sharon Ritchie.

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