Malheur Wildlife Refuge

May 16-20, 1996

Although 67 bird species were seen at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge this year, the overriding trip theme had to be the weather. Playing peek-a-boo with a not often seen sun was lashing rain; relentless wind and a snow level dropping to the rim rocks. Still, the place has its magic of sights, sounds and smells that are special to this part of Oregon: Broad vistas with tier after tier of marching black rain cells pounding the desert floor, the yipping sounds of coyotes, cackle of sand hill cranes, honk of Canada geese, and the pungent smell of sage, all add to a flavor that delights the senses. Besides the Refuge, our visit included the Diamond Craters, Round Barn, a wonderful dip in the Alvord Hot Springs and a return to Eugene through Denio, Nevada, and an early dinner stop in Paisley, Oregon. Due to the weather, the group decided to return home one day early. Enjoying this adventure were Doris Allen, Margaret Crosland, Jane Hackett, Joe Lowry, Betty Macy, Sig Otto, Gene Thaxton and leader Glenn Meares. Sig Otto elected to spend a few extra days exploring on his own.

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