Metolius River

April 21, 1996

The group met and overcame two obstacles posed by Mother Nature. To deal with the storm damage to the trails, we scrapped our plans for the Lookout Old Growth hike. To deal with the drippy weather, we decided to head for the Metolius River, on the east side of the mountains. We hiked from Canyon Creek Campground to Wizard Falls Hatchery and back. As always, through the Metolius Canyon was beautiful. Along the way we encountered daddy Canada geese, guarding the females on their nests. We had lunch at the hatchery and watched the fish feeding show — always good for a few chuckles! Metolius hikers were Rita Johnson, Verlean McCoy, Ginger & Les Blum, Carole Alexander, Herb Whitman and Russ & Blyth Carpenter (leaders).

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