Cloverpatch Trail

April 6, 1996

Helen Smith used to lead this favorite hike, and I have taken it over the last two to three years. Our April 8 hike last year was in falling snow, with only three participants. Quite the opposite this year … the day was warm and sunny and 21 enthusiastic hikers were attracted! Early spring blooms greeted us as promised. After reaching Lowell, we drove 20 miles of dusty gravel on the North Shore Road (FS 5821) and then FS 5824 to the upper trailhead. We hiked down the trail, stopping at our favorite viewpoint for an 11-ish snack and then continued downward past the waterfall grotto to the lower trailhead on FS 5826. Our large group broke up into smaller groups to walk and talk, admire flowers and views, and eat again. We climbed over and around numerous blow-downs, some of them challenging but all passable. We will be interested to monitor changes in the trail. The upper part is to be re-routed for a timber sale and road building within the next 2-3 years. We hope this will not detract too much from this trail’s undisputed beauty. Cloverpatch hikers were Paul Belanger, Max Brown, Wendy Clarke, Bev Halter, Mary Ann Hastings, Rita Johnson, Will Johnston, Helen Liguori, Anne McLucas, Mary Millman, Diana Moss, Sig Otto, Bill & Margaret Prentice, Lydia Smith, Bobbye Sorrels, Jim Swanson, Barbara Thompson, Herbert Whitman, Margee Wright and Velma Shirk (leader).

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