Shirley Froyd: Italy

June 28, 1996

Artist, builder, aviatrix Shirley Froyd was our June 28th potluck featured speaker. We really had two programs from Shirley: One from an unusual trip to the Sierras, to less-traveled areas. And some really great slides to prove it!

And then, sharing a two-week painting trip to Italy, starting with a visit to the factory where artists’ paint material is produced. Italy keeps up its history of unique beauty in everyday life settings, and the only thing missing was seeing some of Shirley’s art work.

Interestingly, we collected activity fees of $15.75 and 25 Øre, a Danish coin, so I figure we must have been 31 and One Walfdame present (not me!). I wonder who is the Walfdame?

The evening was fun and as usual faithful helpers appeared like miracles. Thank you!

Birgitte Williams

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