Large Turnout for April Potluck/Rally

April 26, 1996

The April 26 Potluck at the Lodge attracted the largest crowd of the year: $27.30 was collected in fees! (Note: It is always a wonder to me that we never seem to collect a sum that adds up to an even total . . . but I am not about to count heads, just glad to see you there! — B.W.)

On this occasion, quite a few Members came after our delectable and amazing selection of Potluck goodies. The latecomers missed an elegant Lodge set with placemats that pictured our coming Summer Camp area with map and information.

Jane Hackett presented an excellent slideshow and multiple hints and information in a very thorough way. And the Planning Committee — with Sharon Ritchie and Jane as the dynamic duo — made us feel this can only be a special experience for all of us.

Camp Harvey at Winthrop, Washington from August 3 to 11 promises to have endless opportunities, and I predict will be a very well-run camp.

Birgitte Williams

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