Fall Foliage

October 12, 1996

Bill Eaton, traditionally the leader of our annual Fall Color trip, was ill so Ewart Baldwin and Ray Jensen were last-minute substitutes. We departed SEHS in pleasant weather, and the rest stop at the McKenzie Ranger Station was highlighted by delicious cookies baked by Ethel Allen. We then checked out the unique headwaters of Lost Creek, located at an unmarked site some three miles up the Old McKenzie Hwy. Throughout the day Ewart was in top form describing the geology of the Cascades. Next we enjoyed about 30 minutes of the always spectacular Koosah Falls. Sahalie was inaccessible because of construction work. Only a limited amount of color at these high elevations this day, but we did appreciate the pine country along the Metolius River and at Camp Sherman. Sisters was awash with people attracted by a quilt and craft show (whatever). We lunched at their City Park, then allowed some 30 minutes for shopping, browsing, foraging for ice cream, etc. With rain persisting on our return, the coffee and pie at the Rustic Skillet was most welcome. Driver Lee Cayser did his usual excellent job.

Twenty-eight riders (including six non-members) included: Ethel Allen, Ewart & Margaret Baldwin, Rita Baxter, Louise Behnke, Ingrid Carmichael, Mary Lee Cheadle, Clair Cooley, Fran Cooley, Liz DeShetler, Elizabeth Fox, Bette Hack, Dora Harris, Betty Haarlson, Jean & Ray Jensen, Rosella Jones, Cecily Joost, Dodie Leppmann, Cleora Mersdorf, Frances Newsom, Joyce Norman, Liz Reanier, Edna Robertson, Louise Thurber, Cris Wegelin, Hawk Williams and Ruth Williams.

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