Tilly Jane Cabin

March 4-5, 1995

We left the Cooper Spur ski area at 1:00 p.m. and headed up the Tilly Jane ski trail in a moderate snow storm. With our climbing skins on we quickly ascended the three miles and 2,000-ft. elevation gain to the Tilly Jane cabin. As we approached the cabin the snow storm gained in intensity. Once we arrived at the cabin we started a fire in the wood stove and quickly had the place nice and warm while the snow storm raged on outside. By night fall the storm had eased off and the stars came out brilliantly with a sliver of moon along with it.

Morning broke with sunny skies and calm winds. With the good weather and fresh snow we headed up towards Copper Spur and Eliot Glacier. The snow was terrific — light, fluffy and lots of it. We skied up to the 7,000-ft. level and then turned around and skied down to the old Cloud Cap Inn. The powder snow was endless and we had the whole mountain to ourselves. We skied turn after turn with the powder snow flying off of our skis hitting our faces. We quickly arrived back at the cabin, donned our packs and skied back down to the car for a leisurely drive home. A very nice trip. Nobody signed up! Those on the trip were Margaret & Kevin McManigal. Rufus S. Poodle, Dusty L. Mutt, and Gifford P. Rottweiler (quadrupeds) also tagged along.

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