North Loop, Island Lake Shelter

March 4, 1995

The second attempt at Skiing Hoodoo to Little Nash SnoPark failed … not by rain, but by too much snow! The snow plow had not been to this area, and we were faced with close to a foot of snow to plow through ourselves! So off to the tried and true fall-back trip, out of Ray Benson SnoPark. Lots of new snow: it snowed all day long, as a matter of fact! I wish I could say that it was as nice to ski on as it was to look at, but I can’t. True Oregon cement — very sticky stuff! The best part of the day was introducing several of the skiers to a great trip they hadn’t done before. Skiers were Mike Allander, Blyth Carpenter, Janet Hall, Bob Lemon, Anne McLucas, Bill Montgomery and trip leader Jane Hackett.

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