Row River Trail

January 7, 1995

Able assistant Virginia Prouty guided the group down to Dorena Lake area where the leader came down the hill to join them. The Row River Trail is a “Rails to Trails” project and goes along where the “Goose” steam train used to take tourists. The trail runs along the north shore of Dorena Lake and provides some excellent lake views. The trail is gravel and suitable for hiking, horseback riding and biking (if you have a mountain bike or at least a hybrid). In the next year or two the trail is to be paved. The trail is longer than the section we hiked. We went along it for five miles or so, so we could have lunch at Baker Stewart Park where we could sit by the Row River where it feeds into Dorena Lake. Some of the hikers only went four miles. Those along this day were Doris Allen, Susan Baker, Mary Baffin, Liz DeShetle, Bob Foster, Sylvia Harvey, Corinne Hunt, Susan Mathews, Richard Ogden, Ralph Olive, Virginia Prouty, Alice Pueschner, Chuck & Sandy Reul, Carol Stern, Joanne Vinton and leader Shirley Froyd.

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