Tahkenitch Dunes

November 11, 1995

Even after describing the probability of a wet, stormy trip, ten enthusiastic hikers left a wet parking lot for Tahkenitch C.G. where the Dunes Loop trailhead is located. Drizzly weather persisted until we started hiking. The rain held until we were on the beach and even when it started it was light. It was also quite warm with temperatures in the mid 50s. We experienced nature at its best. Standing near the surf zone, we were ankle deep in a sea of blowing sand. The force of the wind was fantastic — and, of course, we were walking into the wind. Returning through a moss covered forest with lots of ferns, the rain increased and didn’t let up. The forest canopy provided great cover. Beautiful red mushrooms with polka dots abounded. This was truly a land of enchantment and all we needed was a white rabbit in a top hat to pass us! Enjoying a unique experience were Palmore & Wendy Clarke, Kurt Cyrus, Larry Huff, Kris Kennedy, Margaret Malsch, Bill & Margaret Prentice, Nola Shurtleff and Sylvia Harvey (leader).

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