Deception Butte

November 5, 1995

This is one of those close-to-Eugene hikes that’s perfect for when the early fall snows begin to close off higher elevation hiking. The trailhead is off Hwy. 58 a few miles before Oakridge — which means a comparatively short drive! The trail starts out in an old growth Hemlock forest, but most of the trail is through younger Douglas Fir. I have no idea where the name comes from — there is also a Deception Creek, which the trail crosses with a big log footbridge. Unfortunately, the trail has not been maintained for quite some time and is overgrown and badly eroded in many spots. The four-mile climb (2,600-ft. elevation gain) is usually rewarded with a modest view of Diamond Peak at the top (3,580 ft.), however, on this particular day it was too foggy to see beyond the next ridgeline. It was also icy cold and windy — not a day to linger. The hardy, weather-resistant hikers were Doris Allen, Susan Baker, Palmore Clarke, Greg Cleary, Doug Quirk (generous provider of fine homemade cookies), Van Likes (who actually ran the whole route) and Bill Montgomery, trip leader.

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