McKenzie River Trail

November 4, 1995

After a week of 21° to 25° nights, came the constant worry: “Will the roads be icy?” Nary a crystal! A weather forecast of snow due to arrive late the night of the hike — “Will it arrive early?” Nope! Do leaders ever stop worrying about these details? Nope! A perfect day, cool and overcast with the sun occasionally trying to break through. A wonderful group — 21 in all — scattered up and down the trail. This was definitely not a forced march. We met up at Tamolitch Pool for lunch. It is so great to witness the wonder on the faces of people who view the beauty of the blue pool for the first time. We decided the water in the pool looked like it had bluing dumped into it, it was such a perfect color. (Remember bluing — before bleach — sure dates me!) The car shuttle went off without a hitch. My thanks to all the drivers. The “last-hike~before-the-snow-flies” group consisted of Obsidians Max Brown, Rita Johnson, Mary Millman, Anne Montgomery, Dave Predeek, Betty Taylor, Joanne Vinton, Margee & Megan Wright, and nonmembers Garrett Campbell, Palmore Clarke, Marcia Butler, Kurt Cyrus, Gloria Gunderson, Kris Kennedy, Sandy Lewis, Margy Malsch, Dick & Lucy Rayle, and Ivan Vandeburg. Your sometimes-sort-of-a-leader: Sharon Ritchie.

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