Sweet Creek Falls

October 28, 1995

Southeast of Mapleton, Sweet Creek runs through a picturesque valley that was homesteaded in the 1800's. Today, small farms have cattle grazing in lush green meadows. Add mist to this and you get a magical atmosphere. Ten miles up Sweet Creek Road a small sign marks the first trailhead to the Sweet Creek Falls Trail. Sweet Creek tumbles its way down the valley creating over 50 falls. Several bridges are now complete that link two lengths of the trail. We were able to walk two miles. Then we returned to the cars and went further up the road to the Homestead Trailhead. Here segments of the Pioneer Road can still be seen. Two trails start up from this parking area. One trail is one and one-half mile in length and looks across at falls that are cutting through volcanic rocks. The other trail is one half mile in length and goes to Beaver Creek Falls. From Forest Service Rd. 939 a short walk on another trail segment takes you to an overlook of Sweet and Beaver Creeks joining and creating more falls. The weather was perfect and the hikers congenial. Doug Quirk provided home-made cookies that were delicious. Enjoying the hike and cookies were Palmore Clarke, Kris Kennedy, Ray Jensen, Mardi Klotz, Mary Millman, Virginia Prouty, Doug Quirk, Dick & Lucy Rayle, Janet Levine, Hilary Vander Veer, Herb Whitman and Sylvia Harvey (leader).

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