Mapleton Trails

October 14, 1995

Patchy fog gave way to a warm, sunny day for 13 lucky hikers. A walk back in time is the best way to describe the Mapleton Hill Pioneer Trail. Remains of a road, cut banks and sharp switch backs may be seen to provide travelers with exciting adventures. Cars had to back up the steep incline. PAWN Old Growth Trail takes you through a pocket of huge and interesting trees including red alder, cedar, hemlock and fir. Traveling up over the mountains, on well-maintained gravel roads, we proceeded to Horse Creek C.G. for lunch. Having hiked only 1¼ miles before eating left the balance of hiking for the afternoon. The Horse Creek Trail system has about 15 miles of trails with various access points. We hiked 3½ miles, round trip, out on Scurvy Ridge where great views of the ocean could be seen beyond the mossy trees. This was my third trip here and my first ocean view. Continuing on for three miles took us to Hwy. 101. Some people returned to Eugene directly, others made a side trip to Heceta Beach for a stroll on the beach to North Jetty. Perfect weather, congenial friends and enthusiastic hikers made this a most enjoyable day for Max Brown, Palmore Clark, Kurt Cyrus, Jim Fritz, Janet Levine, Bonnie Manheim, Anne Montgomery, Sharon Ritchie, Denise Sevigny, Nola Shurtleff, Herbert Whitman, Birgitte Williams and Sylvia Harvey (leader).

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