Fall Creek

September 30, 1995

Four non-members joined the leader at the SEHS park blocks on a gray, drizzling morning. We took two cars to the trailhead, shuttled up (in one car) to Rd. 1828 and hiked back the 9.3 miles to Dolly Varden CG. We started out in a light drizzle that was not bothersome — in fact, it heightened the dense, lush feel of the trail. Just as we stopped for lunch the rain stopped and the sky began to clear. By early p.m. the sun was out and we finished the hike with sunlight filtering through the wet trees. Enjoying the creek, the foliage and the company were non-members Jim Fritz, Margaret Malsch, Beth Pfeiffer and Dave Clements (the latter both only two months in Eugene and on their third Obsidian hike!) and trip leader Ed Lichtenstein.

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