Triangulation Peak

September 23, 1995

Two hikers headed out of Eugene for the long drive. Marilyn had hiked with the leader out of the Chemeketan summer camp in Colorado in July, and was interested in this hike. She brought Betty along with her from Salem and they met us where we left the North Santiam Hwy. On the hike we found many large huckleberries and consumed a large number of them. We were on the site of the lookout that used to be on top about 11:45 am. The leader was first there visiting a friend who manned the lookout about 1951, and then led a 16-mile (round trip) hike there from the Obsidian summer camp in Jefferson Park in 1960. After lunch we made our way down to the Boca Cave. Inside the cave hikers found a beautiful view of Mt. Jefferson, framed by the large entrance to this cave. While the trail to the peak is excellent, being almost all dirt trail, the way out to the cave is a little more difficult, but is well worth the extra effort. After Jim had thoroughly explored much of the cave, we made our way up to the trail junction near the summit and started on to the cars. We had several delays along the way as two of our party gathered huckleberries in plastic bags. Meanwhile, the other two of us just “pigged out”, consuming our berries as we picked them. Along the trail we had views of Spire Rock. Our trail passed by this large rock. Jim and I were back in town at 5:30 pm. It was a beautiful Fall day, and a lovely day for a hike to a very interesting area. Hikers were non-members Marilyn Bauer, Betty Bennett and Jim Fritz, and one lone Obsidian: Norm Benton, leader.

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