Little Belknap Crater

September 20, 1995

Ten hikers left Eugene at 0810. There were three no-shows (two of whom had confirmed their participation the night before), leaving room for a new one. However, two others who had wanted to go missed out (there was a limit of 12 to go into the Wilderness area). We arrived at the trailhead at 1020 and were pleased to find much better weather than had been predicted earlier: no clouds, 70° F, and a light wind. It was a bit misty and we could see no further than Mt. Jefferson to the north and Diamond Peak to the south. Most of the trail was uncomfortable walking with many fist-sized lava rocks. There were many other hikers on the trail, most lightly dressed with no packs. However, we met one young woman who had started on the Pacific Crest Trail in California in May and was heading for Washington. The stragglers (including the leader!) reached the summit at noon. We had a nice picnic and chat while enjoying the view. We started down at 1230 and the last of us reached the trailhead at 1355. We all stopped at Mom’s Pies and reached Eugene at about 1700. Our congenial group was made up of Paige Boyle, Kurt Cyrus, Barb Elsen, Gloria Gunderson, Bill & Mary Ann Holser, Don Jennings, Gary Marx, Ivan Vandeberg and Joel McClure (leader).

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