Mt. Yoran

September 17, 1995

Last year I led this trip in October and there was already half a foot of snow! This year, without the snow, the trip seemed shorter and easier. The highlight of this year’s trip was the abundance of huckleberries. These weren’t the usual tiny little things that take a hundred to make a handful — no, these were as big as blueberries and full of flavor. Several pintfulls were consumed en route and several more were packed away in water bottles and coffee cups for huckleberry muffins and pancakes. Even with all the berry picking, we did all make it to the top of Mt. Yoran (actually, the false, easier-to-climb summit … even the false summit is a bit of a scramble that gets your heart pounding!). After lunch at the top, we spent some time enjoying beautiful Divide Lake which is so clear that you can see the big fallen trees at its bottom. After cruising back through the hemlock forest, we arrived at our cars early enough for a few of us to satisfy our curiosity about nearby Hemlock Butte — a quick, one-mile view hike that’s well worth the extra exertion. On Mt. Yoran were Cheryl Berry, Marc Hansen, Karen Myers, Gerry Roe, Joanne Vinton and Bill Montgomery, trip leader.

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