Threemile Lake

September 10, 1995

We left the beginnings of a warm day in the valley to enter high cloudy conditions on the coast. This made excellent hiking conditions as we set out from the Tahkenitch Camp trailhead. We were surprised to find unpicked huckleberries still available along the trail. Another surprise was the number and varieties of fungi already in evidence. I hadn’t thought there had been enough moisture to start the fall crop. In several instances there were huge slugs feeding on these mushrooms. Who says they don’t have good sense? We didn’t reach Threemile Lake until 12:40 due to a 9:00 am start from Eugene and a prolonged rest stop and snack at The Gingerbread Village near Mapleton. Some of our group chose to eat lunch overlooking the ocean while others picked a spot providing a splendid view of the lake. Our return leg along the surf didn’t go as well as I had expected. The tide had just turned and even the wet sand was pretty soft underfoot. Another complication was the zone between the tide line and the dunes which had been established for snowy plover nesting habitat. This caused us to miss the trail which crosses that zone. As a result, we hiked around the end of the zone to get back on track. Fortunately, this only added about half a mile. Nevertheless, by the time we got back to trailhead we decided to abandon the stop for ice cream at JJ’s in Florence. Even so, it was nearly 5:30 by the time we got back to Eugene. Those making the trip were Genie Currier, Liz DeShetler, Mary Millman, Bonnie Manheim, Diane Peterson, Dick & Lucy Rayle, and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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