Jefferson Park

September 9-10, 1995

This was our third almost annual three-day trek into Jeff Park, and what a wonderful trek it was! Sunshine, full moon, thunderous rock slides, wildflowers, sparkling creeks and springs and plump, ripe huckleberries! It was definitely a laidback trip. We had snoozers, book readers, strollers and explorers. The only hard hiking was getting in and out of the park. The pace of the day hikes was easy and slow as we kept losing people to the lure of ripe berries. In our exploration of the large meadows on the northeast side of the park a truly scientific discussion evolved while gazing into one of many pools filled with frogs and tadpoles — “Why are tadpoles so much larger than the frogs?” The tadpoles were “dining” on a dead frog. Had it died, or did they kill it? “What happens to them during the winter?” Barb and I would like to thank our fellow travelers for making this a very special weekend. This great group consisted of non-members Margaret Crosland, Bonnie Ledford, Jane Dods and Don Jenning and Obsidians Leona Devine and Betty Macy. Oh yes, co-leaders Barb Elsen and Sharon Ritchie were somewhat in attendance.

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