PCNST (Mt. Adams-White Pass)

August 20-27, 1995

This year’s trip on the PCNST continued over that portion between the west side of Mt. Adams to White Pass, Washington. I proclaim this trip to have been the first “Electronically Monitored Backpack” in Obsidian history! Geographic positions and elevations along tie trail, at camp sites, and at significant points (such as the summit of Old Snowy Mountain) were all pinpointed to within 100 feet or less by a global Positioning Satellite receiver. [Note: The Pacific Crest Trail maps produced by the USDA-Forest Service now come with Latitude and Longitude increments printed on them as well as Township and Section lines.] The other electronic information pertained to meteorological data received by our NOAA-National Weather Service receiver on 162.475 MHz. From the latter we knew that some weather (wind and possible rain) could be expected Wednesday. It did blow hard Wednesday morning turned dark with black clouds, but no rain. Otherwise this was a conventional backpack with most everyone carrying 52-pound packs for seven days. We went through the heart of the Goat Rocks Wilderness Area: very beautiful, with many rugged spires. We spotted ten mountain goats while climbing up a knife-edged ridge to Old Snowy Mountain. The goats were approximately 600 ft. below us. They were lying on a snow field to keep cool. Just in case you ever hike in there to see them, they were at Latitude 46° 31.00' North, Longitude 121° 27.28' West. Can’t miss ’em! Near the end of the trip in a huckleberry field we saw a black bear. He took off fast when he saw us. The huckleberries were really good this year for both bear and backpackers. On this backpack were non-members Carl & Paula Allen and Becky Hansen and Obsidians Paul Newman and leader Dick Moffitt.

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