South Waldo Lake Shelter

August 9, 1995

Trip Report from a Day Pack …

I am a new day pack and my first trip out was with Obsidian members and friends hiking to South Waldo Lake Shelter. It was an enjoyable trip, very low key, and I was there with Marjory and Volney Kelm’s packs and also with Bill Morse’s and Mary Millman’s packs.

Secretly, I was wondering if the other packs contained the Ten Essentials, but being new and not wishing to appear presumptuous, I did not ask.

My color (black) seemed to attract more than the usual mosquitoes and I heard my owner threaten to paint me white. In spite of that problem, it was a lovely day and we found a log with a view by the lake with just enough breeze to eat in peace and comfort. My owner is Lois Morse, Obsidian leader for this trip.

(Signed) E. B. BLACK (Eddie Bauer)

P.S. I think I will enjoy the lifestyle for which I have been designed.

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