Old McKenzie Pass

August 5, 1995

The real challenge began after we left Benson Lake. Who said it was to be a “light scramble”? After climbing over rock ledges and through overgrown brush, scouts were sent out to locate a lake — any lake. First a shout, then Glass Lake was found. But where did Elf Lake go? Another scouting excursion, and at last the small Crater Lake was spotted. When we finally hit bottom we stopped, ate lunch, waded and explored. Yes, it was a real wilderness: No foot tracks. No trash. No fire rings. Then up and out and another search. Here was a lake we didn’t know existed. And finally Elf Lake — the one we intended to find first. The final consensus was that this was a real howling wilderness. One last suggestion came from our intrepid explorers: change the trip rating from A to C, and “Qualifying” from No to Yes. Participants were Eunhee Chon, Laurie Funkhouse, Sylvia Harvey, Corinne Hunt, Bob Lemon, Bonnie Manheim, Gary Marx, Anne McLucas, Ralph Clive, Diana Wageman, Herbert Whitman and Bob Cox (leader).

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