Waldo Mountain Loop

July 23, 1995

The group left the SEHS parking lot at 9 a.m., but arrival at the trailhead was delayed as two of the cars became engulfed in a bike race on Rd. 24 out of Oakridge. Once that circumstance was shed, things went much more smoothly. The weather became sunny and pleasant for the walk up to the Waldo Mountain lookout. The views were excellent and the strong breeze not only cooled off the hikers but gave brief respite from the swarms of mosquitoes. From the lookout, the group continued east, down the mountain, then back to the trailhead by the Salmon Lake Trail. Hikers were Gini Saunders, Richard Ogden, Buzz Blumm, Jim Casby, Melinda Bruce, Sig Otto, Kerri Jacquiline, Max Brown, Gary Marx, Jane Wyman, Cheryl Berry, Helen Liguori, Jim Fritz, Sharon Lindsey and Jerry Casby (leader).

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