Black Crater

July 15, 1995

This hike was scheduled for a Saturday which was supposed to be over 90° in Eugene. It only got up to 83° in Eugene. On top of Black Crater the temperature was just right. We were also helped psychologically to “think cool” by all the snow fields we had to traverse near the top. We weren’t the only ones enjoying the view clear up to Mt. Adams: there were several other groups including a troop of Boy Scouts from Sisters. One of their leaders used a cellular phone to describe the view to his listener (which led me to thinking what reaction I would have if an Obsidian hiker showed up for a hike with a cellular phone!). On the way down we tried to follow directions in Bill Sullivan’s guidebook that told of a lookout point just 0.2 mile off the trail at a point where there was a ridge crest. We left the trail at what looked like a ridge crest; after a while several hikers fanned out to see if they could locate the viewpoint. They didn’t have any luck so we re-grouped and returned to the trail. Hikers were Peggy Beamer, Cheryl Berry, Max. Brown, Tim Cook, Ray Mikesell, Ralph Olive, Rich Romm, Ronald Te and Richard Heinzkill (leader).

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