Lowder Mountain

July 9, 1995

Rain falling July 9 seemed a serious, no-nonsense, day-long variety. As we waited in the Shirk van, wet hikers tapped on the window and gained entrance with the passwords “Lowder Mountain” or were sent on to the next van if the response was “Three Pyramids”. Three considerate hikers came to cancel, and after some wavering we were left with a comfortable vanload of seven do-or-die hikers. Positive thoughts in the rain: The 10 miles of gravel just before the trailhead were not dusty; Also, undisturbed by mountain vistas, we focused on the flower garden bordering the trail. One hiker compared the cloud-shrouded ridges southward to a Chinese landscape painting. Mary was able to conduct a limited survey of poncho efficiency. On the plateau, we observed six Forest Service tents, but no people. We did see them later, returning to trucks at the trailhead, and wondered about the purpose of their trip. Lunch on top was wet and chilly with no view. Then, circling and exploring the plateau, rain increasing, we encountered rock cairns that mark the way between Lowder Trail and Walker Creek Trail, to point us toward our soggy return. Vi’s pies tasted great on the road home. We all enjoyed our unique Wilderness experience … “The wettest hike we ever made,” said some! “Lowder-ites” were Wendy Clarke, Leona Devine, Sharon Lindsley, Mary Millman, Margaret Prentice, and trip leaders Mike & Velma Shirk.

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