Three Pyramids

July 7, 1995

It was a dark and rainy morning. I put on full rain gear before leaving home. By the time I reached the parking lot the rain was so heavy that I could hardly see through the windshield. Under these conditions eight others showed up and chose to go ahead with the hike. This was a group of hardcore, dedicated hikers. On the drive up the rain never stopped, but did slack up on a few hopeful occasions. At the trailhead we were happy to find that a nice gravel parking lot had been recently added. Starting up the trail, we encountered the first of many stream crossings, made more challenging by the recent torrents of rain. These crossings involved a good deal of hand belaying and jumping from rock to rock, with an occasional unfortunate splash into the water. Eventually, we all ended up on the summit, where a brisk wind required additional clothing. The only view was of the inside of a cloud. As we enjoyed lunch during a break in the rain, the leader unfortunately commented on how lucky we were that it wasn’t raining! The first rain drops began falling almost immediately, and gradually picked up. The wind joined in and accelerated so that before very long a substantial rainfall was blowing horizontally across the summit. We hastily packed up and headed down. The next day a Register-Guard story headline read: “Record rain, hail tears through State”. The story began: “Eugene was soaked with record rainfall Sunday. Rain dumped on the city reached 0.61 inches, nearly double the old record…” Wet but happy hikers were Cheryl Berry, Janet Hall, Rita Johnson, Josh Ladau, Helen Liguori, Pam Neff, Joanne Vinton, Joan Wikler and leader Dan Bates.

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