Grasshopper Mountain

July 2, 1995

Fourteen hearty hikers walked (scrambled) to Grasshopper Mountain on July 2. This is an old trail following along the Hiyu Ridge beginning at Lowell Pass to the top of Grasshopper Mountain and the beautiful surrounding meadow. The sign at the trailhead is the only obvious indicator of a trail. But the trail is there and getting restored by Gene Flint and the people at Blue River Ranger District. Part of it is brushed out and the rest will be soon — if one is careful, it can be done already. We did it! What a gem Gene Flint is. We climbed over six or eight downed trees on our way in; the nifty surprise was to find Gene after he had cleared them all out of the trail. Going out was definitely easier. All of us were appreciative and happy that Grasshopper Trail along the Hiyu Ridge will be in good shape again. The views of the Cascades are spectacular and the wildflowers numerous and varied. The clearcuts along the road to Lowell Pass were pink with rhododendrons and white with beargrass. Access to the trailhead is easiest from Aufderheide Drive (Hwy. 19). Hikers were Doris Allen, Kevin Clark, Kurt Cyrus, Jim Fritz, Janet Hall, Sue Laurie, Sam Miller, Anne Montgomery, Karen Myers, Richard Ogden, Wojtek Szalecki, Herbert Whitman and leaders Mary Ellen West and Vi Johnson.

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