Mt. June/Eagles Rest

June 25, 1995

This trip had to be postponed a week from June 18, an iffy day weatherwise (but that wasn’t the reason for postponing). Two people originally signed up for June 18 canceled for June 25, two others joined the June 25 hike; numberwise no loss, no gain. But weatherwise! What a gorgeous day June 25 turned out to be: hardly a cloud in the deep blue sky (except for a plume of smoke somewhere between Mts. Hood and Jefferson), many more flowers out than had been May 27 (my last hike up June), although the peak time for maximum floral display would seem to be around Father’s Day. We decided to hike up Eagles Rest on the way to Mt. June, fearing that we might miss the unmarked trailhead on the way back. It wouldn’t have mattered, as there were hardly any flowers out at all on Eagles Rest (scratch that one in the future!). The two non-Obsidians and the leader had the mountain all to themselves, and were back in town by 2 pm, with plenty of time to rest up for the Bach Festival’s Mozart Requiem … Hikers were Jim Fritz and Sue Lurie and Helmut Plant (leader).

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