Rebel Rock Loop

June 24, 1995

The 11th Annual Rebel Loop “Death March” was again a great success. We only had one casualty. The first five miles uphill to the first junction has become, traditionally, a sprint. Why? you ask. Because “It’s there” and we are all nuts! John made it in 1 hr. 20 min. I set a “personal best” with 1 hr. 37 min., with everybody right on my heels, except Karin. Part way up something in her leg snapped, and she very painfully made her way to the junction to let us know her day was over (she was only half-an-hour behind us — very gutsy). From the junction, more trail, then cross-country to the base of Rebel Rock (more like “up-country” than cross-country!). After lunch on our scenic view perch, more cross-country to the trail via another rocky viewpoint. The trail then gets us to the lookout for a short rest stop. The “finisher” is the last metatarsal munching downhill four-miles to the cars. Started at 10:05 am — reached the cars at 4:30. A hot group indeed, and a fun bunch to be with. Hikers were Jeff Boersema, John Englehart, Kristen Kaminski, Mark Reed, Karin Thompson, Tim Verkler and Ed Lovegren ("Death March" adjutant).

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