Gold Point

May 27, 1995

The day was made for a hike, not just any hike but a hike to beautiful Gold Point. As we gathered at the SEHS parking lot, you could tell the feeling was in the air: the feel of friendship, of adventure, of a goal — a goal to Gold Point. We hurriedly left and headed down Hwy. 58 to. Lowell, then headed towards Fall Creek Reservoir. At the reservoir we followed the road to the other end and followed the creek until we came to the sign directing us to Portland Creek Road which led us to the Gold Point trailhead, with just enough room for our three vehicles. We eagerly leaped from the cars and after a few instructions and introductions we were off and heading down the trail. We were privileged to witness the beautiful floral display of nature. The colors were breathtaking and the aroma sweet and refreshing. As we hiked and climbed (the trail is not properly maintained, and there were trees and limbs blocking our progress) the weather kept a pleasant companionship with us. For the most part the sky was clear blue and temperature comfortably warm. After about two hours of hiking — between huffing and puffing and a leisurely walk — we came to our lunch spot, an open view of a valley and distant mountains. The view, wild flowers and the warm sun put us all in a state of relaxation, and we headed back to civilization after about an hour. As Ray would put it; we gained about 2,000 ft. on the hike … and enjoyed every step of it! Gold Pointers were Teresita Ladd, Ray Mikesell, Anne Montgomery, Ralph Olive, Rita Johnson, Bill Prentice, Heimer Walden, Gerry Paulwn, Wendy Clarke, Margaret Prentice, Herbert Whitman and Fred Foust (trip leader).

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