Smith Rock

May 13, 1995

After a week of rain, Saturday morning dawned very auspiciously — fairly bright and fairly clear, as we assembled in the SEHS parking lot. However, as we progressed up the McKenzie Hwy. our hopes faded, more overcast … so overcast we couldn’t see Mt. Washington. We got out of the cars at Sisters in a heavy sprinkle to get some much-needed refreshments and get on our way. Was it going to get worse or better? It was wet enough to put on rain gear to start the hike. It rained lightly on and off as we followed the Crooked River on its crooked westerly journey. After about an hour of being on the river’s edge, we climbed a bluff which provided a good view while we ate lunch. Next was going through scrub land on the north side of the formation until we hit a trail that climbed steeply to the crest. On the way we stopped frequently to rest and enjoy the view behind us of the valley with Madras in the distance. Once at the crest we gazed down at the maze of climbing trails and meandering path of the Crooked River. The descent from the crest began gently by following an access road until it meets the trail that goes further down to the river bank. Then it was a matter of following the river until we arrived at the spot we had started out earlier in the day — and our encirclement of the Smith Rock formation was complete. Making the trip were Kevin Clark, Bob Hill, Gary Marx, Sandy Moore, Stan & Sue Rodkey, Karen Seidel, Joanne Vinton, Heiner Walden and Richard Heinzkill, leader.

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