Silver Creek Falls

May 6, 1995

The dreary weather was only one of our concerns as we headed for Silver Creek Falls State Park. One scant carload posed the problem I began to ponder as we drove north: Preferably, one should have at least two cars involved to allow for a shuttle of drivers at the end of the hike. We elected to start our hike at the North Falls. Construction work on the bridge adjacent to the parking lot, plus a sign indicating the trail to the Upper North Falls was closed due to dangerous conditions, ruled out that additional option. So we immediately headed down into the gorge of the North Fork. We found all the falls thundering with a larger volume of water than usual. Naturally, too, some spots in the trail were muddy and hard to negotiate. Nevertheless, by lunch time we were on the South Fork of the river, and not too far from the Lower South Falls. Consequently, after we had lunched and fed the flock of chipmunks scurrying about our feet, we decided to go to that falls before reversing our course. Then, as we began the return, another idea occurred to us. Instead of going all the way back to the North Falls over the route we had come in by, we decided to exit the gorge via the Winter Falls route. We had bypassed this on the way in. That proved to be a blessing in more ways than one. The trail was well graveled and sloped so the climb-out was a breeze. Upon reaching the summit, and highway, we hiked along a trail which parallels the highway back to the North Falls parking lot. To round out our itinerary, we drove into the South Falls Lodge, enjoyed refreshments and wild flower displays and walked down to the South Falls overlook. Hence, we had managed to see all the falls but one. Participants were Bill & Margaret Prentice, Heiner Walden and Vernon Barkhurst (leader).

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