Middle Fork Willamette

May 6, 1995

We knew that our Saturday hike was going to be a “5 D-Day” damp, dark, dreary, dismal and drippy … but sometimes it is nice to hike on a rainy day. What’s the worse that can happen? — you get a little wet! Our Diamond Peak climb was rescheduled from last weekend to this weekend due to weather. Sunday was to be the better of the weather days so the climb got moved to Sunday and the hike to Saturday (see Climbs this month we summited and the weather was better on Sunday, thank you Meteorologist Rich!). Paddy’s Valley was incredible with the old growth grove. Sometimes the river was so loud that talk was impossible. But this hike is so beautiful that sometimes no one wants to talk — just soak up the beauty. We also soaked up some water in a few spots. So much recent rain made the crossing difficult in a few places, with one “shoe shedding — stream wading” necessary. Chuckle Springs still takes your breath away with the moss, wooden steps, streams, streams, streams … Elk were spotted so many times that Rich finally said only notify him if an elephant is seen (something new!). This hike makes your cares just melt away — Jan & Rich Anselmo (trip leaders) joined by Dick Hildreth and Caroline Forell.

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