Finley Wildlife Refuge

May 3, 1995

Finley Wildlife Refuge is a real treasure so close to Eugene. With sun and giant cloud formations at a distance it is a treat to be there and share with a group of people who can enjoy with you. The whole area had just opened up and we could hike just about anywhere we desired. Only water-soaked areas limited us, and all of us got slightly damp feet except Jane, who had knee-high rubber boots. Glenn identified many birds for us and with a special grand show of an Osprey diving and catching something, the day was a success. Song was in the air all around us and frogs provided us with special effects … at least we think it was the frogs, but we guessed at that. The view from Pigeon Butte is most gratifying with the lush checkerboard fields stretched out before us. Having lunch on the porch of the field-station with the fragrance of the lilacs and mock-orange while being observed by humming birds made it all a most delightful day. Participants were Eunhee Chan, Wendy Clark, Jane Dods, Bep Fontana, Glenn Meares, Mary Millman, Ralph Olive, Joyce Owen, Margee Wright and leader Birgitte Williams.

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