Upper Fall Creek

April 15, 1995

“Upper Fall Creek” — Mary Millman said we should change the name of this hike to the “Trillium Hike” because we saw hundreds of trilliums, a little battered by rain. But not us: we didn’t have a drop. Fall Creek was full and having quite a conversation with the dippers as the seven of us marched along in good Obsidian form. One of the group took a jolting fall to the sacroiliac negotiating a very slippery and falling-down wooden bridge over a side creek, so our group split into two. Bob Hill, Mary Millman, Gary Marx and Melissa Frost hiked ahead with Chuck Mitchell leading, while Joanne Vinton and I hung back at a more leisurely pace. I had my camera along (of course), so I was delighted to actually have time to focus before taking a picture ’ a rarity on Obsidian trips! We sauntered along, pointing out bleeding heart, yellow violets and calypso orchids, found a nice riverfacing log to have our lunch on, and walked a little further up the trail before meeting the returning group. They had decided after having their lunch to turn around rather than continue thinking that Joanne might be wanting to get home to an ice pack. I appreciate their being so considerate and flexible, as well as Bob, who agreed to drive after one of our drivers failed to show up, and Chuck, who took the lead for me. A good trip with good people! Clare Tucker, trip leader.

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