Yachats to Waldport

March 18, 1995

Eighteen hikers participated in this beach hike. Planned from Waldport to Yachats, the hike was reversed due to strong S W S winds. Considerable advantage was gained. We all looked like race walkers as we scurried along the beach. A car shuttle is necessary for this hike. Our starting point, The Adobe Inn, allowed us to be sheltered from the rain by a building overhang as we discussed the logistics. Those who were not involved in moving the cars waited in the Inn’s loft for the rest of us. By the time the drivers returned to the starting place, the rain had stopped. Rain, however, returned and was with us for about one-half of the day. The tide was in and the night before had had a full moon. Water covered more of the beach than during the many times I have walked this route. Also, hillside run-off was greater than during past hikes and necessitated crossing a number of shallow streams. Footwear that handles ankle-deep water helps! My running shoes worked fine due to their fast-drying qualities. Our ending point was the State Park on the southern edge of Waldport. No matter what the weather, this is always an enjoyable route. Wide beaches allow easy conversations and good visibility and walking surface accommodates varying hiker speeds without undue group separations. Non-members included Ginny Busey, Jon Picon, Mina Shimomura, Merlin Hill, Wendy Clarke, Jackie Romm, Heiner Walden and Lois Bejerkin. Obsidians were Brigitte Cross, Melanie Clasen, Joanne Vinton, Richard Romm, Joanne Ledet, Margee & Megan Wright, Sig & Ralph Otto and leader Ben Jeffries.

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